• Commercial

  • What We Offer

  • Flat roof repair or replacement services offered through our company.

    2 Ply Torch down systems for replacement

    Iso insulation boards that come in various sizes add extra R density to the structures insulation.

  • Repair

    Emergency repairs including bleeding of seams where there is a leak indicated.

    Replacement of partial worn areas of roof.

    Re Granulating worn areas with heat and tar.

  • Replacement

    Full replacement of flat roofs and piping flanges are provided, we are insured for Hot Work, not like most of the roofing companys that perform hot work but do not carry the appropriate insurance in case there is an accident, request insurance information from any contractor you are going to hire to do any kind of hot work on your project.

  • Maintenance

    Flat roof maintenance provided for our corporate clients which entails yearly inspections of surfaces and seals, wall flashing screws re tightened and sealed, debris and leaves cleaned as to prevent damming situations when spring thaws occur.

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